Connection Options...                                             Feb19-24

  There are several options to connect to the BBS.

  Telnet:  Using a telnet client, such as PUTTY, Syncterm, Netrunner,
  Icyterm, Mtelnet, Etc.  Make sure you're using ANSI w/ 24 or 25 lines and
  have DEL set as Backspace.  Music shouldn't matter.  If you have the option
  of IEMSI, use it with your login and password to log in automatically upon

  SSH:  Most of the above clients (except for Mtelnet) will do this.  Use
  'bbs' as the login and 'shsbbs' as the password, and if possible (I think
  just ZOC and icyterm support this) use IEMSI to log in automatically.
  Follow the Telnet suggestions for other settings.  NOTE:  This BBS software
  is not configured to support SSH, but I've used a local telnet from an SSH
  server in a Linux VM to support this as best I can.  If you experience
  issues, I'd suggest using the Websocket connection.  It doesn't allow for
  automatic logins, but it is the best supported method of connections.

  WebSocket: will give you a fullscreen
  Web Client.  You won't have to configure anything.  Let me know if you used
  the default screen length of 24 and I'll set it to 25 for you.  It is
  secured with an SSL certificate and is as secure as an SSH connetion.

  WebBBS: will get you to the web interface
  for the BBS.  You can do everything but play games in a simpler web based
  interface.  It is secured with an SSL certificate.

                         --- Shurato / Martin Kazmaier

  Message Area Navigation...                                        Feb19-24

  Hit M to enter message areas, then select the group followed by the area.
  Afer you've selected the area, you will be placed in the lightbar message
  reader.  When selecting groups and areas, you can use the left and right
  arrow keys to change pages.  Escape, will generally take you back from
  areas to groups and from groups to the main menu.  Same with from the
  message reader to area selection.  In the message reader, page up and down
  will change pages.  Enter will read the message.  When you've selected a
  message, the left and right arrow keys will show the previous and next
  message respectively.  The up and down keys will scroll through the
  message.  Also, when you're in the area selector, areas with new messages
  will be marked with a '*'.  There is no real easy way to change your
  message pointers, other than using OLMS2000 in the Doors/Utilities Menu.
  Set up your areas, then hit 'S' to enter the setup.  Hit 'M' to Modify
  Pointers, then '1' for all.  Then '0' for the last read messages.  All of
  the newsgroups are available on my news server at, with your
  login and password as authentication, if you'll be posting. I suggest
  XanaNews   for best results with my server, but most solutions should work

                         --- Shurato / Martin Kazmaier

  File Areas...                                                     Feb19-24

  Hit F to enter the files areas, then select the group and areas as
  mentioned above.  Once you've selected an area, you'll be placed in the
  file tagger which should be self explanatory for the most part.  After
  you've tagged some files and quit, once you back out to the area selector
  and then the group selector, you will be given the opportunity to download
  your files.  If you're using the WebSocket connection, use y-modemG, if
  you're using a telnet or ssh client with z-modem, use your preference of
  z-modem protocols.  You can select to disconnect when the download is
  complete.  To make things really easy, use an FTP client like FileZilla
  or an FTP supporting browser like Pale Moon.  Connect to and
  log in with your username and password, or as anonymous with any password.
  Anonymous accounts aren't allowed to upload.

                         --- Shurato / Martin Kazmaier

  Other Navigation Hints...                                         Feb19-24

  Navigate with arrow keys or hot keys.  Enter will select a highlighted
  option.  Escape or Q will go back a menu, if you've gone deeper into a
  menu tree.  The global menu on the right will always be present with some
  handy commands.  Hopefully the menus are set up in a logical manner.  If
  you want to toggle the backgrounds or NSFW settings, from the main menu,
  go to System Information and Change Information.  Send me feedback if you
  have any questions that this article didn't answer.

                         --- Shurato / Martin Kazmaier